Tanzania Orphan Scholarship Project


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Neema Kishimbo is an orphan who sufered from loneliness.  Her mother died from AIDS and a year later, her seven year old brother also died of AIDS.  Neema's father is a peasant and is sick from the same disease.  Neema's situation at home forced her to ask for help at one of the private Christian secondary schools run by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania.  The headmistress was a mentor to Neema during her high school years. Neema, which means grace in swahili, participated in various activities at her school including sports, Religious Leadership Club, English Club and Environment Conservation Club. She composes songs to express her feelings and conducted the school choir. Neema likes learning!  In spite of overwhelming circumstances, she never shows her sorrow and is willing to help others. Currently, Neema has received financial help from her sponsor and is in her third year at Machame Lutheran Hospital studying to become a clinical officer.  

Ombeni is a 14 year old girl in Form II at the Masama Girls High School.  When she was 7 months old her mother died, and when she was 7 years old her father died.  Ombeni then went to live with her brother and sister, but they mistreated her.  Ombeni became very lonely.  She had no way to pay for her school fees.  Ombeni prayed and prayed that she could stay in school. Without a sponsor, she would not be able to continue with her studies. A  women's church group had decided to sponsor Ombeni and when that news was delivered to her by a member of that women's group, she cried and promised to work hard at her studies.  Ombeni is an excellent student and aspires to be an airline pilot.  Ombeni's story is typical of the many orphans in Tanzania.  The orphans want an education, so they can get a job and support their families.

Eva Kira, Headmistress of Msufini Secondary School, lived in the village near her school.  She wanted to live in the village, so she could know the parents of her students.  One night, she heard a knock on her door.  It was midnight, and she thought that it might be a burglar. However, she went to answer the door, anyway.  When she opened her door, it was the mother of Charles, one of her students.  The father was deceased and Charles mother had younger children to care for.  Charles mother said, "I was so excited that I could not sleep.  Is it true that Charles has a scholarship to attend secondary school?"   "Yes, it is true", replied Eva.  This tells us how much it means to a single parent when they have assistance in paying for their child's school tuition.  These orphans, with one or both parents deceased, are in school because of these scholarships. Education is the key to their future!