Tanzania Orphan Scholarship Project


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                                      QUESTIONS YOU MAY HAVE ABOUT THE ORPHAN PROJECT 

Why education? Education is the key to a better life.  Education is the key to the developent of families and to society at large.  Education for an orphan opens a door to hope and happiness for their entire life! 

How do we select the orphans? We select the orphans after reviewing the applications. In Tanzania, an orphan is defined as one or both parents being deceased. We will try to match your request for a girl or a boy. Write this on the sponsorship form.

When do you receive the name of your orphan?  In January,  you will receive your orphan’s name.  The academic school year runs from January through November. In March, you will receive a photo and a letter from your student.  Letters from your orphan will be in English. 

What about the project’s financial credibility? Correspondence with each school’s headmaster or headmistress is throughout the year.  Linda and Tom Gapp have traveled to Tanzania for the past thirteen years! They visit the secondary schools and meet the students on scholarship. 

How much overhead costs are involved with the project? Child sponsorship programs are expensive to administer and often have 20% overhead.  The Tanzania Orphan Scholarship Project has volunteers who give their time so that we have no overhead for this project.

Can I support an orphan during their entire high school years?  Yes, it is our hope that you will support an orphan during their entire high school years.  Many sponsors have traveled with us in February to meet their sponsored student.

I cannot afford the $450 at one time?  You can pay in two installments, January and June. 

Can groups or organizations support an orphan?  Yes, this is a wonderful project for groups that are young or old. This is a great mission idea for Sunday Schools or women's groups.

There are so many orphans, can I make a difference?  Is there hope? Absolutely!  Over the past fourteen years, we have seen the magnitude of our work.  Currently, we have over twenty students who continued on for a university degree.  For students who qualify, we have scholarships with a focus on teachers, nurses, and accountants. The students are very thankful for the sponsors.