Tanzania Orphan Scholarship Project


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                                                                         THE PROJECT  

The Tanzania Orphan Scholarship Project sponsors orphans so they can attend a Christian high school. Primary schools in Tanzania are free but secondary schools have fees. Our scholarship students attend one of eleven Lutheran High Schools in northern Tanzania, East Africa. The scholarship for one year of tuition, boarding, uniforms, and school supplies is $450.  In the past fourteen years of this project we have witnessed God working through his people.  We have made a difference!

There are many orphans in Tanzania who have no parents due to motor accidents, malaria, or other illness.   This is leaving many orphans who go to live with extended families.  These families do not have the money to pay the orphan’s secondary school fees.  Without a scholarship, some of these orphans will have to leave school at a young age and fend for themselves.  These students are very thankful for the opportunity that the project provides.

If you would like to sponsor an orphan, please fill out the sponsorship form and mail the form to us.  Your contribution is tax deductible. 100% of your donation goes to your orphan's education! We will accept smaller donations and combine those funds towards a full scholarship.

You will receive the name of your orphan, a picture, and a letter from your orphan. We encourage you to write letters to the orphan that you are sponsoring.  We  collect letters from sponsors in January and September and deliver those letters directly to the schools.

                                    Asante  sana  ( Swahili for "Thank You Very Much" ) 


Classroom at Masama Girls High School